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06 February 2006

Quick Change

I don't know, but I've been told
The Marine Corp thinks it's mighty bold
They don't know what the Army can do
We are proud of our history too
Our looks and style may not be smooth
But you oughta see this Army move
Look to left and what do you see
A bunch of jarheads just looking at me
Shout it out and sing it loud
I'm a Soldier and I'm mighty proud!

Army running cadence I went to Texas for a week...came home last Wednesday...when I left Tejas, it was ~80 degrees...when I came back to Michigan, it was ~40 degrees...WTF!? But yeah, I'm back home...

So last Thursday, my friend Erik and I decided to hang out...actually, we planned to while I was still in Tejas...He needed to get some stuff for some t-shirts he makes, so we met up at the craft store that is literally RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my recruiter's office...It was like 7:30p, and I was like, "HEY! Let's go see my recruiter!" Erik rolled his eyes and we continued into the store. Seriously, not even five minutes later, I get a phone call from my recruiter; "Hey crackhead! How ya been?" "Did you see my car in the parking lot or wha?!" "No. I'm driving back to the office right now. I hadn't talked to you in a while and I wanted to see how things were." Talk about weird. Anyway...Erik and I didn't go see him that night, but I told him I would stop in Friday morning, so I did. We just chit-chatted for a bit, and I got teased, a lot, which really isn't nothing new both with my recruiter and everyone else I know. Anyway, I told my recruiter I would be within five pounds of the weight that I needed to be at by the following Friday. Weighed myself this morning. Haha...I shouldn't have told my recruiter that. Oh well. I can do it. It's really nothing new. I honestly, though, don't think I like look I weigh as much as I do. I know, I know..."Muscle weighs more than fat." (Which, actually, it doesn't. A pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle, but a pound of muscle takes up less space.) I want this bad, so I'll do what I need to to get where I need to be. I plan on packing a bag for BCT sometime this week, so whenever my recruiter says, "All right, you can get the MOS you want but you hafta leave next week," I'll be ready.

Moving on. Last night when my dad and I were grocery shopping, I ran into my awesome tattoo artist...talked to him for a bit, and I asked if I could stop by Monday to talk about and maybe get some work that's my plan for this evening. I am so freakin' excited!! I love getting modifications. I was also told that my friend may start training to become a piercer. I told him I would be his pin cushion for his training...haha...yay...I know, I know! I can't have my piercings when I leave for BCT...It'll be fun to have them in the meantime!! Haha...that reminds me, when I stopped in to talk to my recruiter Friday, he called up my favorite person, the station commander, and made me talk to him. The SC told me I didn't need a waiver to get back in and then he was like, "So, dare I ask what else you've gotten pierced since I've last seen you?" I laughed and promised him I hadn't gotten anything else pierced. (For those that may be lost at this point, back in November, I got my labret repierced - it was pierced before, but I took it out...then the piercing place had a special, so I got it repierced because I like the way it looks on me.)

So, I hope y'all are doing okay...I'll keep this updated more this week as I find out more information...

(And I'm watching the Tyra show...apparently she has a fear of dolphins...what the fuck!?)


  • At 06 February, 2006 17:10, Blogger YDR said…

    I can tell by this recent blog - you had a great time away from home. You sound more relaxed - that's good.
    You can do anything you put your mind to do - you wanna lose some weight - go for it.
    I have a program/diet that may help ya - email me and I'll send it to ya if you wish!

  • At 06 February, 2006 20:43, Blogger SFC B said…

    This might reveal too much about my thought process, but when I read that you'd had your "labret" pierced the first thing that went through my mind was "How could a woman misspell that?"

    As my wife is fond of telling me "I can be such an idiot".


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